21 Jan 2012

And Then, Just A Slim Chance….

Just a very little ray of sunshine on our dismal horizon you think?

You getting you stuff sorted out Chris? Packing a small bag with the bits you’ll be needing in one of HM’s open parks? How about a secure unit for the criminally insane? Print this for something to read and dwell on.

Where ever you end up, and I and many others will be amazed if it’s anywhere, but anyway, if/when you meet your new chums in the showers, don’t fight it, just go with the flow. Hay, you’ve such a cheeky wee face and you’re not that old are you? Just bite the bullet and remember that old saying; get it up ya while you’re young, ‘couse nay-body likes an old poof.

Charges? Gaol? Dreaming aren’t I? If anything whatsoever comes of this, my flabber* will be truly, utterly, and totally gasted**. In spades.



See what I did yesterday? Called it WebWord. See what it really is? WordWeb. See why I need all the help I can get? Click on the image if you want. Nothing much happens.

This'll take you back. Bet you know the words. It's another one of those, "You're going to play it twice" numbers. It's Saturday – enjoy.

Quote; John Hardwick.

"Don't do drugs because if you do drugs you'll go to prison, and drugs are really expensive in prison."

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