13 Dec 2011

And Then, The First….

Right, by popular request... Pardon? You didn't? I don't care, it's my Blog, live with it! Can I continue now? Thank you very big. Here's your first Christmas song dedicated to our armed forces doing, unquestioningly, whatever is asked of them. I'm sure that amongst the lunatics that rule over this little planet, someone, somewhere, sometime will say, 'Enough!!' Probably not.

Now then, even I can sing along to this one; Dub-a dub-a dum-dum.... You here that? That was me! It's just a matter of getting your dubs and dums the right way round.

Come on now, all together!! Dub-a dub-a dum dum. Dub-a dub-a dum, dub-a dum dum dum-a dum dub-a dub-a dum.....

See? I told you you could do it. You really couldn't help yourself could you? Catchy little critter iz it?

Ladies and Gentlemen, where-ever you are, be cool and come home safe.

Quote; Enoch Powell.

"History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen."

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