24 Aug 2011

And Then Hal Hit Back….

Remember the car problems reported by my pal Hal? Remember the shop reported that Hal was playing up and gave him a swift re-boot up the random access? Well, during a thirty mile drive Hal hit back with several 'Engine Malfunction; You're Doomed' warnings. Does the sucker need re-booting daily or wot?

After looking under the hood and seeing absolutely nothing accessible, other than the water tank for the windscreen wash, it was back to the shop.

This time the shop actually attacked the problem using a mechanic rather than a diagnostics technician. The result? A result. Seems poor old Hal's been doing the bizz all along, all be it kind o' cryptically, as there was, indeed, an engine fault, and thus he wasn't in need of a re-boot at all, rather, he deserves a big pat on his processor.

What did the tool using guy find? A loose connection on an air line. As he stated, obviously a late Friday finger tight jobby. Or possibly, as I stated, a computer guy tried tightening the connector with a bit of code rather than a bit of wrench.

Whatever, let's have three hearty hurrahs for Hal and long may his ROM be reliable.

Quote; P. G. Wodehouse.

Mr Wooster being one of those easy-going young gentlemen who will drive a car but never take the trouble to study its mechanism, I felt justified in becoming technical.
"I think it's the differential gear, sir. Either that, or the exhaust."

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