18 Aug 2011

And Then Hal Hit Back….

Out for a drive late yesterday when Hal presented me with an engine problem alarm and the message to 'Service'. I pulled over, shut down, checked round and all seemed normal.

Upon starting up again, no choke on this car by the way, how cool is that? the alarm message had gone. Right, It must be Hal having a go at me.

To be on the safe side I wheeled into the car selling shop early this AM and asked if they could check out the engine/Hal problem.

I was asked if I could leave the car for the full morning as, "…all our mechanics are snowed under with work."

Thus ends the preamble.

Having left Hal and the car, and while walking towards a conveniently close coffee shop, I had one of those 'Haaay, waaaiit a minute!' moments.

If these modern cars are so wonderful, so precision built, so cleaver, with self diagnostics and self healing capabilities, why are 'all the mechanics snowed under with work'? Shouldn't the guy have said something like, "I'll get the mechanic to check it out right now. It'll give him something to do and we can see if he remembers what goes on under the hood." or, "Our mechanic only comes in every other Monday, can you bring Hal back then?" So what's going on here? All our mechanics are snowed under with work? What work? Why?

Anyhoo, a half hour later the car was fixed. The problem? Hal. Hal got a re-boot. What else did you expect?

By-the-by, I see the prosecutors have asked the police for yet more information(?) relating to 'Propeller Heads' driving problems. I can't help but think that if this related to one of us folk from far further down the food chain, we'd already be a bunch of weeks into our horrendously harsh custodial sentence by now.

Quote; Roger B. Smith.

“We hope this car will be less labor intensive, less material intensive, less everything intensive than anything we have done before.”

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