14 Jul 2011

And Then There Was Fuel Poverty….

Hay 'propeller head', you see how many of the good folk of this once proud land are in fuel poverty? Can't afford heating and cooking? You see that? Did you?

Hope you didn't catch it on the BBC news, 'couse you may have missed it as it was almost falling off the end.

What did the BBC use for an accompanying tube? A pensioner? The disabled? A disabled pensioner? You're kidding, right? An African refugee is what they used. And let me tell ya', he looked as fat and happy as could be, so he did. Hay, good luck to the guy, but really, please, come on already.

Never mind, did it embarrass you a little LHuhne? Make you feel a tad guilty? Cringy and crawly? Suppose not. It's a blue do, getting bluer and no mistake.

Seeing that Mzzzz. Brooks is going to be questioned about something or other next week, may I suggest to the inquisitors that the first question should be to see if she had her hair done like that for a bet, or does she honestly believe it makes her look super cool? If the reply is, for a bet, well, okay, proceed as planned with your questions.

35c09_rebekah-brooks-and-rupert-murdoch-pic-pa-66662698If she replies that she's convinced it makes her look super cool and real glam, look closer, dig deeper, this is a seriously disturbed person you're dealing with. And beef up security.


Quote; Anonymous.

"It was so cold, the wolves were killing sheep just for the wool."

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