4 May 2011

And Then They Were At The Door….

Did I hear her call he? He being me. Yes, indeed I done did.

“Where you be now?” She called.
“Me be in kitchen.” I replied, cleverly using her language.
“Two men in black suites just been to door.” Said her.

Men in black? Oh my, what did I write about that wedding again? Was it that bad? Was it something else I’ve done? Are they after more bed linen? Wait! Maybe it’s not just a common cold I’ve got after all. Could I be carrying some sort of top secret plague war bug? That’s it! I’m an experimental weapon!

“They said they be Jalopies Witless.”
“Jalopies Wit.. Oh, right.” Okay, I’m not a weapon then.
“They gone away now?”
“I don’t know what they talk abou so I give them my special look and they lun away.”
“One of your special looks would make anyone run away. It’s ‘run’ not ‘lun’ by the way. Again. There’s a ‘T’ at the end of ‘abou’ as well. Again.”
“I done good then?”
“You done good.”

I’ll be a travelling person again this weekend so, well, I’ll be travelling not computing. Far, far away this time. So not as far as it is when I go far, far, far away. About one ‘far’ less is wot it is on the ‘far’ scale. Oh, hay, don’t forget to do that votie stuff tomorrow......

Quote; Gene Spafford.

“While travelling near Tampa, Florida, I passed the "Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall" and was struck by the fact that that must be where they make them.”

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