10 Apr 2011

And Then There Was An Embed Test….

Firstly, check out Mr. Bookers piece over here, or there….

Thenly, I’m trying this to see if you get a clip or a perfect black bit. If you do indeed get a clip, well, it’s a beauty.

What I’m saying here is that I believe I've sorted the Html code with clips problem I mentioned. Remember? No? Can’t blame you for that.

I use Live Writer to do the bizz then publish to Blogger. Since I got a grip of putting clips in the Blog by copying the Htpp address and pasting it in the video thingy in Writer, all was tickerty-boo. Then, just recently, all went well 'till I tried the publish thingy in Blogger and I got the Html code error.

Then, on the clip site, as if I'd been guided to the button by forces not yet fully understood, there he was!! An embedernating button! Click on him and you get a dod of gibberish wot you copy, then paste into Writer.

What do you get in Live Writer? A perfect black bit is what you get.....

Let’s see if the perfect black bit magically changes into a lovely clip or just sits there as a boring black bit when I publish. Publish. Sounds grand doesn't it? Anyhoo, that's some xylophone is it not?

Quote; Steven Wright.

“Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?”

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