5 Apr 2011

And Then It Got A Tad Iffy….

For those of you planning a dinner party this coming Easter, wow, that many of you, I’ve re-located this short video for you.

I’ll be having beans on toast with a runny poached egg on top, balanced on my knees in front of the TV. Say what? No, the beans on toast with a runny poached egg on top will firstly be loaded onto a plate and THAT will be balanced on my knees. Again, no, I’ll be sitting down. I’ve tried it without a plate. Messy. And not good for your knees; all those knife and fork wounds an’ that.

Gentlemen, to watch this with the memsahib could prove a tad iffy, so may I humbly suggest the man of the house watches first, while ‘her indoors’ brings the coal in or black leads the range or fixes that gable end or something, and you can relax all by yourself and on your own.

Seems like it’s another problem link, at least, for me it be; looks like an Html code error; I'll sort it out later. Pesky Html code stuff. Do it sound like I have a clue what I'm talking about?

Anyhoo, for now, would you please do that clicky thingy here.

Quote; Dr. Seuss.

“If I were invited to a dinner party with my characters, I wouldn't show up.”

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