4 Mar 2011

And Then There Was A Drink….

You like a drop of cider then and now? You ever tried the brand advertised in the clip below? No, not the clip below. It’s the clip below the clip below.

I’m afraid I have to offer the Foggy clicky warning again okay? Please click with caution when you get to the clip below the clip below.

The clip below, right below, needs no warning. It’s completely inoffensive. Unless………

While deciding whether to click or pass, below, right below, is a little clicky help movie.

And once you’ve mastered ol’ Mr. Mouse, then it’s make you’re mind up time regarding this old clip; click or not to click, that is the question. There are no moving bits involved, it’s just sound stuff.

Say what? What’s wrong with that? Oh, come on, get real. It’s just an advert for cider, right?

Hay you, have a good weekend.

Quote; Ernest Hemingway.

“Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

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