5 Jan 2011

And Then There Was Just A Little More….

Kind o’ lazy tonight and so another cut an’ paste job for you. Its just a couple of verses from that famous, much loved old poem from the late Kenneth Williams, THE BALLAD OF THE WOGGLER'S MOOLY.

Just a couple of verses ‘couse I don’t want to infringe that copy-righting stuff or whatever it’s called. It’s also far nicer to read the whole thing over there anyway, where all the hard work to build the collection has been done, don’t you think? The link he be at the end of these two verses.

Joe, he was a young cordwangler,
Munging greebles he did go,
And he loved a bogler's daughter
By the name of Chiswick Flo.

Vain she was and like a grusset
Though her gander parts were fine,
But she sneered at his cordwangle
As it hung upon the line.

You can read the rest here….

And then, guess what? Yup, as ever, you can’t beat a good Google…

Quote; John Ashbery.

“There is the view that poetry should improve your life. I think people confuse it with the Salvation Army.”

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