29 Jan 2011

And Then There Was The Big Hush….

Sorry about this but it’s been remarkably quiet for a while. I’ve been watching stuff unfold in Egypt on TV – over and over and over again. {Saturday afternoon; At last!! John Simpson gets there!! Where you been John? You’re usually on the first tank, right?}

That nice Mr. Hague just came up with a jolly interesting concept. He said the Egyptian Government MUST listen to the people. Tell you what William, you boys over here want to listen to us? William? Hello? Hay, Willy!! Oh, you’re not listening….

What’s the chances of this stuff rolling across the Med and up through our wondrous Euro Zone? None? A cold day in hell?Probably right….

That said, may I direct you over here for an interesting read? May I? I may? Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Cold, Haily, Windy Night

Quote; Henry David Thoreau.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

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