13 Dec 2010

And Then There Were Bottles….

After the last post I got to thinking there may be a reader out there wot has no idea wot a water bottle, hot, is. Below are the two types that gave me ‘happy feet’ during bleak winters.

images hot_water_bottle250

Stone jobby to the left, rubber right. Right? Right. Now you know. Of course they didn’t work without adding the magic ingredient. And the magic ingredient to add was? Boiling water.

Just as another by-the-by, there was a knack to filling the rubber bottle. Any method other than ‘the knack’ could result in the bottle fighting back and spitting scalding water over the paw holding said bottle.

This would set off a chain reaction starting with shouting something along the lines of, ‘Ouch!’, depending on the proximity of grown-ups, then the burny paw automatically letting go of the bottle, followed by a jolly loud shout of ‘Ouch!’, or similar, as the dropped bottle released its scaldy contents over your feet and lower legs.

Probably why you got to fill your own bottle. And learned, at a very early age, all about the result of bodily contact with very hot water. And very quickly learned ‘the knack’.

What did folk use before the hot water bottle got itself invented? Bob along here for warming pans an’ stuff. As always, you don’t have to bob along there, but it’s an interesting bob if you do choose to bob along.

Right now I, me, myself is bobbing outside to watch the shooting stars.

Back inside now; total cloud cover.


“Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars and thought to myself, where the hell’s the ceiling?”

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