10 Nov 2010

And Then They Be Gone….

After yesterdays post, and this is spooky, I came down this morning and guess what? No? Okay I’ll tell ya’, the two pidgins were sitting on the fence, waiting. But, and this is the spooky bitty, the black bird was sitting with them chattering away like fury.

A couple or three minutes of this and the pidgins looked at each other, shrugged and flew away. I’m not too sure about the look and shruggy bit, but they did fly away.

I aint seen them again today.

On a different topic, if you have a spare minute to pop over here, have a look and sign the petition if you have reservations regarding this sort of stuff. Will it make a difference? Would it make a difference if the entire population ‘signed’? I’m sure you know the answer to that, but….

I got there via a link at Anonymong. I also note from Anonymong that the lovely little Racoon is back, so that’s good.

Quote; Bill Cosby.

“The past is a ghost, the future a dream, and all we ever have is now.”

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