23 Nov 2010

And Then There Were Comments….

Rather than answering the commenter's via commenting, I thought I’d pop ‘em in here.

Firstly off, something for those of you with a finger poised over the ‘BUY’ button for the electrical saving thingy. Just a wild guess here, but probably not you, my good Caratacus.

Although this guy isn’t the one I linked to, it’s close enough for jazz, so please check this out. It’s a tad technical for me but I did understand the very last line - It still doesn't reduce your power bill though.

And after that, ‘that’ being firstly so this must be secondly, Anonymous pointed me to what I thought would be a regular dehumidifier. Sadly the link didn’t work, but a heart beat with Mr. Google and I was here. Drinking water from thin air? It sent shivers through my wallet. What can I say? NEEEEEEED one, is what I said. But. But there seem to be an awful lot of ‘em being re-sold.

This set alarm bells ringing in my head and I gotta tell ya’, those bells were frightening the little singy bird in the clear blue sky which is my usual head filling. Sometimes with a gentle wind chime sort of sound in the background.

Anonymous, please let me know if you use, or have used one of these doodads. Just out of interest you understand, just out of interest. No, really, just out of interest.

As for the dehumidifier, he still be sucking in water like the water sucker-in he be.

What are my indicators for how he be doing? Well, the contents of the water tank of course, but the kicker for me is that, shortly after turning him on, I noticed the humidifier had started to run all the ti…… Haaaay, waaaaiit a minute!!

Quote; ?

“I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.”


Caratacus said...

Thought of you this p.m. Mac.

Bottom of my garden sits 'The Kennel' - thus named by the Memsahib. It's a summer hyce which I have improved (ahem) by the judicious plumbing in of a bit of electric, and the installation of my desktop computer and a goodly selection of my favourite books.

Whilst doing my VAT (and keeping the swearing to an absolute minimum, it upsets the neighbour's dog you see), listening to some music (Andrews Sisters, then Ry Cooder, then a bit of Ludvig) and keeping the blood alcohol level up to a healthy measure I had the bog-standard convector heater up to max, AND the door slightly ajar so that the dog and cat could get in and out.

And I cared not a jot!

Mac said...

This sounds like my kind of summer house. In fact it sounds like my living room. Ex VAT.

Heater on full? Door a tad open for the pets? I can happily relate to that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Foggy,

Sorry about the bad link. Try Hyflux.com.sg and look for Dragonfly.

No, I have not tried Dragonfly water and after the initial publicity, Hyflux does not seem to be pushing the product that hard these days.

What I wonder is what would be the effect of dropping a really fragrant air biscuit in the general vicinity of the unit. Presumably it would have enough humidity for the machine to distill the essence out of it and capture it for comparative tasting...

Pip pip

Mac said...

Alternatively, if I read you right, a double shot of single malt? Could that lead to interesting results?