12 Nov 2010

And Then There Were Caps….

While paying a visit over here I noted the reference to ‘caps’ and the head went spinning in a backwards direction. Back and back it went. Again.

Right back to here... Remember the tiny round boxes of those annoying little critters? I remember having to ‘waste’ caps as you had to pull at least two through the hammer of your toy gun so it wouldn’t jam up.


Oh my word. As mentioned in the comments over there, I also remember a two part, heavy little sucker, shaped bomb like looking thing, held together with elastic {lazzy} bands. Pop a cap between the two halves and hurl him at the ground for your bang. Huge fun – but sounds kind o’ sad writing about it now.

Remember the times spent in detention writing, five hundred times, “I will not set off caps in class, ever, ever again.”?

So what did happen to caps? Those and the toy guns have, I guess, been superseded by the nine millimetre semi-automatic and the phrase, “I’m gonna pop a cap in you ass.” is all that’s left to the memory of ‘caps’.

Well, there you go – Google and ye shall find!! Praise be!! You can still get him!! Not as I remember though, and look at the price. Also looks like they could be a tad more bangish than the old ones. {Note to self; see if cap gun is still in my toy box.}


Quote; Unknown.

"He who dies with the most toys wins."

Dave Barry.

“The metric system didn't really catch on in the States, unless you count the increasing popularity of the nine millimetre bullet.”


Caratacus said...

You've done it again Mac!

Back in time we go...

Didn't you used to fire off those first one with your thumbnail to prove how hard you were?

I had a small black spud gun which used these caps - nice dig out of a rubbery, eye-sprouting tater, a double cap for a bit of muzzle velocity and a good target (my Nan's backside one memorable summer's day. She used words I was still researching two days later).

Thank you!

Mac said...

Your right! I do recall the ol’ thumb nail game. Can’t honestly say I remember ever being brave enough though.
But that brought back vague, misty memories of the ‘hardest kid in the class’ firing caps off with his teeth.
Researching the words! Loved that.