18 Nov 2010

And Then There Was Royal Stuff….

‘Her indoors’ was watching daytime TV yesterday and I caught this track playing in the program she was watching. Pardon? Of course we don’t watch daytime TV all the time. Around five we start calling it evening-time TV.
I wuz never a great Beatles fan other than Sergeant Pepper and a bit of Rubber Soul. I do however quite like this ditty by Mr. Lennon.
I must say though, watching the warming scam slowly dying and the great European experiment juddering and shuddering along – ‘Watching The Wheels Fall Off’ has a nicer ring.
And how about that royal engagement then? As that nice Mr. Camerloon said, "I'm sure everyone agrees this is wonderful news, we look forward to the wedding itself with excitement and anticipation."
Really? I mean, really? UK happiness quota up a tad you think? Sorry Mr. C., but this house is totally under-whelmed. Just a little advice for the couple though, both kind of obvious – If your out at night, on your bikes, wear white. And bike or car, steer well clear of under-passes.
The last royal thingy I watched on TV was the coronation. Too young to have a choice of course. The family, dressed in our Sunday best, trotted off to, I seem to remember, the golf club to watch it on a little black and white TV, us not having one of those ‘new fangled gadgets. It’s just a passing fad.’
Sunday best ‘couse we were off to the golf club? Probably a bit of that, but I’m betting mainly ‘couse we were going to watch a royal coronation. In the early days of TV I’m sure lots of people weren’t fully convinced that the people they were watching couldn’t watch them. And who would want those they were watching to look up and see us looking all scruffy an’ that? Anyway, If the news man on the wireless wears a suite, then we’re dressing up to watch pictures!
Remember also, those were the days when, however ill, you were beaten into your best cloths to visit the doctors. You just gotta know your place, right?

Quote; Robin Williams.
When you look at Prince Charles, don't you think that someone in the Royal family knew someone in the Royal family?

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