23 Oct 2010

And Then There Were Answers….

Firstly, that was a good sleep. In fact waking up was more a case of me shouting to myself, “Walk towards the light! Walk towards the light!” I got there eventually.

This post will be taken up by addressing the comment's to the last post.

Point taken regarding saving standby by plugging in something that stands by.

Those doo-hickies main purpose, for me, was to convince, fool, ‘her indoors’ into believing that all power is ‘off’ and thusly we will not perish through the night owing to an electrickery leak and resulting fire{?}. And to be able to cancel my place at the Beginners Outreach Course of Gymnastics and Yoga for Geriatric Socket Operatives.

Do those pluggy in thingies suck power? Good point. They have a little red light wot pops on when the socket is switched on which is probably exactly the saving made on standby stuff. Other than that, I have no idea.

How to tell? All I know about electrickery is it hurts if you touch it. First thought wuzz to switch everything off and see if that little wheel at the meter was still rotating. Sadly, no spinny wheel – guess that goes back a while. Just numbers and they weren’t visibly changing.

A ha!! Thought I, lets get a usage monitor. They aint cheap though. And, rightly Caratacus, another techno gadget.

Long story short – I don’t have a clue what the socket plug jobbies are doing in ‘off’ mode although common sense would suggest they pull power. Other than they are wireless and there’s a battery in the remote, I know nothing. But, I stress again, ‘her indoors’ is happy and my backs happy. That’s two happies right there. Really, what else could you wish for?

Save the planet? I’m sure the planet will adjust as required. It’s been doing that for a while now. I would also guess those little woolly polar bear cubs are more concerned with keeping an eye out for Canadaranians with baseball bats than worrying about my carbon paw print.

Fuzzy, foggy feeling? An announcement regarding the start of power plant building rather than forty thousand wind mills would get it for me.

Then I found me near the store so in I popped. I asked four staff the standby question. Two say they draw nothing when off!! But two said they draw an extremely minimal amount of power while on and off…..

Why not Google him? Below is the best I got to date. USA, but same idea.

Q: There is a little light on the socket even when the electric devices are fully switched off; does this energy consumption not eradicate any benefit of using BBSB?
A: The light is on the socket for a safety reason – to show that there is a live 110V current running through the adaptor when it is switched on at the wall. The energy consumption of this when measured is less than 1 watt. It does not read either an amp value or watt value when tested with an energy meter. You can use this socket with a power strip, meaning you could potentially cut the standby power to 6 electric devices using one socket.

Hope this helps to some extent.

The trip? It was a good trip as good trips go, and as good trips go, it went.

The natives were, as ever, helpful and friendly. Even the egg preparation person with the wobbly head. I did ask an expat in the nibble room what was the storey with the locals propensity for head movements. You may well spot another very old storey in the offing.

He told me this habit dated back to the days of the British Raj, was witnessed by many English gentlemen and became widely used throughout the period of the Raj, and went something like this;

Three times an English gentleman ordered a gin and tonic and twice the local barman got it wrong. The English gentleman decided to order the drink one more time in such a way that would focus the barman’s attention.

“Get” – slap – “me” – slap – “another” – slap – “gin and tonic.” – slap. Finally, to punctuate the request, with his forefinger, he gave the poor guy a poke between the eyes, “Now!!”

My apologies to the far, faraway folk; it’s just a bit of fun.

Just noticed the random quote top left - is that spooky or wot???

Quote; W. C. Fields.

“I am an expert of electricity. My father occupied the chair of applied electricity at the state prison.”


Caratacus said...

Sorry Mac, had a go.... but anything more technologically advanced than a rowing boat is viewed with the greatest suspicion these days.

I think it all began with cars. I'm a not-too-bad mechanic who saw the writing on the wall some years ago with the advent of the "buy new, fit new, chuck old away" philosophy which began for me, if memory serves, with Ford's introduction on the Mk 3 Cortina of the non-replaceable u/j on the propshaft. You had to buy a COMPLETE replacement propshaft FFS!

So you may imagine my views on today's computer-driven tin cans.

The more complicated things get, the more dependent we are on the providers of the Things. Hmmmm - me not like, Kimo Sabe.

Now going to pour myself a large libation with a suitably amateurish hand and watch the animals enjoy the sunshine!

Mac said...

You’re absolutely right on all counts Sir. I’m sure you’ll agree the title ‘Repair Man’ has long been in need of updating to ‘Relpace Man’. I’ve also seen first hand the dangers involved in carrying out an action presented by a computer in the blind faith that the instruction was ‘spot on’. It must be right - it’s a computer!! Enjoy your techno free Sunday.