26 Oct 2010

And Then There Was An End To Techno….

Owing to the tremendous response to the post relating to the remote pluggy-in thingies I’ve decided to make this the last techno type post. I seem to be on my own with this, but I still like the pluggy-in jobbies all the same. Okay, that’s it – that’s the last word.

Apart from this; seems I now have a remote for the TV, one for the stereo, another for the DVD, one for the fire, yup, the fire, and now the pluggy thingy. Is this remotely sensible?

Could I have just one more please? One I could point at ‘her indoors’ for the times I get one of my hair brained ideas and head off round the house on another voyage of destruction, with just the one big button marked, ‘Zip It’.

Blow me down, there’s yet another I was forgetfully forgetting. Guess wot ‘my little nest of vipers’ came back from the shops with a few days back. Go on, guess. A what? No. No, I got her a new iron for her birthday. What she came home with wuzz an indoor, remote controlled helicopter! I mean, is she totally nuts or what? Where does she get these gooney ideas from? Say what? Oh. Never mind, it’s most annoying having the bloody thing hovering over your beans on toast of an evening.

But you know what’s driving me absolutely wild? The cost? Well, yea, but there’s something else even worser and more wilder making than that. She refuses to let me have a go.

By the way, the electric toaster just stopped toasting stuff. On the bright side, Christmas present sorted…

Quote; Robert Benchley.

“The pencil sharpener is about as far as I’ve got in operating a complicated piece of machinery with any success.”


mmn said...

If one of those remotes saves you money, maybe you should get another one and start making a profit as soon as you plug it in...

As for the vipernest controller you daydream about, I think these are already on the market - checkout "girlfriend remote" which is even available now as a downloadable app for an iPhone

Mac said...

I got all the remotes together and me and her pressed as many buttons as we could at the same time. Just about blew the house off the board. And crashed the helicopter into my beans.
Thanks for the other remote tip - must say I like the look of those! But it's only a joke right?

Caratacus said...

My engineer friend used to say in a ruminative way, "Hmmm; this looks complicated.... I'd better get my BIG hammer".

And he meant it.

Mac said...

Along similar lines, there’s the storey of the roughneck who was locked in a padded cell for the night with two ball bearings. In the morning they found he’d lost one and broken the other.