10 Oct 2010

And Then I Was Just Thinking….

One hundred and thirteen million Pounds. That’s a wedge is it? And then I thought, if I had won, I still couldn’t eat more ‘couse I was rich. I couldn’t drink more ‘couse I was rich. I’d still only be able to sit in one chair at a time, lie in one bed at a time. I could still only wear one shirt at a time, so on and so fifth, so, all in all – I’m cool. A tad jealous, but cool.

You also have to consider all the begging letters. After some thought I decided that if I ever did win big, I’d probably just keep sending them.

Then I remembered I don’t buy tickets.

Then, after I’d wroted the above, I bobbed into Mr. Holborn’s drum and read wot he’d been writing.

Then I remembered this site. In a way it serves to reinforce Mr. Holborn’s words – how much do we need? No tree hugging or charitable intent on my part, just watch the little movie. Worth a few seconds of your evening.

Quote. Fran Lebowitz.

“I figure you have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you play or not.”

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