6 Oct 2010

And Then I Finished The Wall….

You’re probably wondering how the garden wall turned out after all the hole digging, rolling around and frog attacks. It turned out not too bad at all. Well, that’s me talking and I guess I’m a bitty biased.

I have included the picture of the finished item below. Say what? Well, I may have got a tad close, but I’m sure you get the idea; it’s wood, it’s red, it’s high and it’s long. It’s possibly hard for you to get an idea of the ‘high’ and ‘long’ bits from the picture I know, but it is high and long.

And, of course, has those sticky up concrete posts, set in frog holes, along the way. Oh boy, are those posts heavy or wot? I have no idea, but ‘her indoors’ assures me they be so. She done good.


Just looked a little closer at the picture. It looks spookily like ‘her indoors’ squinting at me and wondering what I’m going to wreck next. Not sure yet, although for sure, not enough time left for new trick learning, so wrecking it’ll be then.

Oh, and a nice one – how do Chinese couples choose names for their kids? They put a one inch stainless steel nut and bolt in a tin can, put the lid on and roll it down stairs. But I’m sure you knew that. {If you didn’t, I bet you’re trying it in your head right now, aren’t you?}

Quote; Robert Brault.

“Why try to be someone you're not? Life is hard enough without adding impersonation to the skills required.”

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