15 Sep 2010

And Then There Was Time….

Just watched the news bit with that guy in a frock, a black frock, wot is part of the staff of the guy in the white frock. Apparently, he’s upset some folk by saying that when the guy in the white frock gets off the plane at Heathrow he should consider it to be the same as stepping into a third world country. Well? Yes? And?

I remember long ago it was reported that a pilot had upset some folk, some in frocks, some in trousers, on a flight from Amsterdam to Norwich, by announcing over the inter-talky thingy that they would be landing in Norwich in fifteen minutes and, “….don’t forget to put your watches back one hour. And your minds back three hundred years.”

Quote; Bonnie Prudden.

“You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.”

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