9 Sep 2010

And Then I Jumped….

After the hole clawing, did I tell you what happened later? I didn’t tell you did I? Did I? I did? No, I didn’t did I? I can’t have did.

Did or didn’t, don’t matter as I do now be going to tell you.

After rolling around clawing about at the cold, cold earth, I had to go along the holes again just to make sure there was no ‘in-fill’ before I threw eight foot long cement posts in there. I use the term ‘throw’ in its loosest possible meaning by the way.

So I’m back in the horizontal and rolling from hole to hole and have moved right along to hole number three. I could see very little of what was at the bottom and even less so with number three owing to the shade of a tree.

In went my arm for a rummage. And then it happened. In a flash something wet, slimy and cold had it’s sucker like hand round my forearm. Did I scream? Sure wanted to, but ‘her indoors’ was in the garden so I did the man thing and stifled that baby. Did I jump? You’re kidding, right? Did I EVER jump.

After landing, after jumping, two things rapidly went through my mind – almost three, but my heart stayed where it belongs although going along a tad fast. Thing one was that as I had jumped, nothing was going to drag me into the hole. Thing two was that as I had jumped, nothing was going to keep me there and slowly chew my arm off.

With this realization and feeling just a teeny weeny bitty bit better I slowly opened my eyes to see just what the hell had a grip on my arm. And there it was. What I was looking at wuzz a frog that was looking at me with a puzzled expression and obviously wondering what exactly it was he’d got a grip of. And why it could jump better than wot he could. From a lying position. And Fast.

After looking him in the eye, two things rapidly went through my mind. Lunch of legs or let him go. I let him go. On the plus side to these events, the ‘jump’ presented me with the opportunity to check out the house roof.

Quote; Dave Barry.

“What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad.”

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