26 Aug 2010

And Then It Was A Long Weekend….

S’ppose your having a long weekend? How about the weather then? Cold for August is it? Try this for an interesting weekend read.

I will be digging and scraping out holes for fence posts for a couple of days and it’s unlikely my hands will be able to work a keyboard.

When I wuzz in the lumb…. tim…… wood yard placing my wood order with the wood order taking person, he asked if I would like the order delivered. I told him that that was a most good idea as I was on a bike and the shortest length of lumb… tim… wood I had ordered wuzz five meters long. He said straight back to me that delivery was ten Pounds. I thanked him most muchly and enquired if he would be giving me the ten, or would it be the driver at delivery time? Whoosh, went my words to places unknown.

Later, in one of those huge DIY chain stores, I needed twenty bricks. The ones I wanted were on a pallet secured with plastic straps {bandit} wot needed cutting so I could get at the bricks. I’m sure you know where this is going. Yup, twenty minutes to locate the man who had the ‘right’ sort of safety knife to do the cutting.

First man I located had a knife but the wrong sort. When I suggested he loan me his knife, turn his back and I would cut the stuff he kind o’ looked at me as if I’d asked for the key and code for the Doomsday Machine. I are getting sadderer by the daily.

Back to the music………

Quote; John B. Priestly.

A good holiday is one spent among people whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.

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