4 Jul 2010

And Then We Finish With Cabbages….

Mr. Puddlecote has had to amend the cabbage figures he put up on his site the other day by offering a Mea Cabbages Culpa. It appears the cabbage figure was lower that he first thought. After more research he has come up with the figures below.

The truth is that there are nowhere near 26,253 words regulating cabbages. In fact, it's a mere 1,990.

Along with 2,950 for
cauliflowers and artichokes, 2,675 for asparagus, 1,972 for aubergines, 2,004 for beans, 3,980 for sprouts, celery and spinach, 2,260 for chicory, 1,925 for courgettes, 2,031 for cucumbers, 2,281 for mushrooms, 2,190 for garlic, 1,928 for leeks, 2,138 for lettuces, 2,235 for onions, 1,927 for peas, and 2,298 for sweet peppers.
... not counting amendments.

Therefore, the illustration of absurdly overweening EU hyper-regulation should have read thus:

· Pythagoras’ Theory – 24 words
· Lords’ Prayer – 66 words
· Archimedes Principle – 67 words
· Ten Commandments - 179 words
· Gettysburg Address – 267 words
· US Declaration of Independence – 1,321 words
· Magna Carta (including signatures) – 3,856 words
· EU regulations on sale and trade of vegetables – more than 36,784 words

Quote; Dave Barry.

“To enter Europe, you must have a valid passport with a photograph of yourself in which you look like you are being booked on charges of soliciting sheep.”

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