28 May 2010

And Then I Was In The Sky….

Flying tonight so have a drink and a song yourselves will you. Do you like those rappery type o’ singing songs? ‘Fraid I don’t rate it at all. But this now will do fine, juuust fine.

Did that work? What? Okaaay, well, try this from before and before then. If neither seem to work for you, may I humbly suggest an early night, tucked up in bed with a glass of warm milk?

Anyhoo, time to climb on big silver bird to head for lands far, far away. Hmm, wonder if Him Big Thing Huff an’ Puff, over there in Icelandarshire, will fire up again and make me be getting sticked over there for a much long of time?

Quote; Milan Maximovich.

“Why is there so much wine left at the end of my money?”

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