22 May 2010

And Then I Got One A Day….

And I thought that along with my fatty food intake, I really should be taking one of those one a day multi vitamin pill thingies.

That was eight years ago. Then today, out of the blue, guess wot? Are you ready for this? I found myself in one of those vitamin selling type shops!! I mean, how spooky is that then? Takes some believing do it? Coincidence? Or a message from the 'other side'? Was I guided there? I remember someone once saying there are no such things as coincidences. I think it was a really, really old turtle. In a cartoon. And it might have been accidents, not coincidences.

Anyhoo, taking it as a message I wondered over to the daily vitamin shelves. Man, there are a lot. I chose a bottle of a hundred just as a vitamin selling and advising person was passing.

She stopped and asked if she could help.

'These okay as a one a day multi thingy?' I enquired.

'Yup, they're good if you do a bunch of very physical sports an' stuff.'
'I'll pop them back here shall I? What have you got for a semi vegetative state of person? They’re not for me, by the way! Ha ha ha.'
'Of course not. HA HA. This'll do you. Sorry, them. By the way, do you, sorry, they smoke?'
Was that a polite smile or a sneer?
'Right. Smoking burns off vitamin 'C' right quick, so you, there I go again, they should take these, these, these and these. And best to take these too. These as well if I was you. Or them.'
'Tell you what, I'll add, tell them to add a splash of Ribena to my, sorry, their Scotch and settle for the one a day hit of those multi vits wot are on special offer.'
'Well okay, it's your or their temple I guess.'

Quote; Samuel Johnson.

"Cucumber should be well sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out."

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