22 Dec 2007

And Then I Got A New Digital Camera......

"Excuse me - hello, oh heeelloooo. Excuse me. Ah yes, I was wondering, is that camera there a good camera? No, not that one, the next one, no, no, yeees, yes yes yes, that one!"

"Sure is. It's an 8 mega pixel jobby."

"Wow, 8 mega pixies. That's lots of pixies."


"Right. So, is that good? Ah, excuse me, just a moment, I may want to buy something here."

"What? Oh, sorry. Any good did you say?"

"Yes. I guess it must be good with all those pixies working away inside eh?"

"Pixels. Oh yea, you could print a picture the size of a football pitch taken with that sucker."

"That's big! Is that good?"

"Well, yea, but you don't have to print them that big, but you could."

"Right, OK, got ya. Do you sell the printers and paper that will do that if I did want to do that?"


"Hello, yep, I'm still here. Never mind the printer for now - where are the pictures saved after I take them?"

"On a memory card."

"How many pictures can this memory card thingy hold?"



"Sorry, on?"

"Depends on what?"

"What depends on what?"

"How many pictures can this memory card thingy hold?"

"Oh, got ya. Depends."


"The size of the memory card."

"Let's try this. I take the camera out of the box and take pictures. How many pictures can I take before the memory card thingy overflows or explodes?"

"With the card that comes with the camera?"

"You sell Aspirin?"

"No, sorry. Try Boots."

"It's a play on an old joke I know, but right now the mental picture of very big boots and your head has magical qualities."

"Sorry, don't understand."

"Didn't think you would."

"You want to know about the memory card that comes with the camera?"

"Oh, yes please, so very, very much I do."

"It'll hold about three photos."

"Is that good?"

"No, not really. In fact, to be honest, it's bad. You need to buy a bigger card. They're on special offer for Christmas. But we only seem to have the very, very biggest cards left right now."

"This sounds bad. Does 'big' also mean 'expensive'?"

"Er......... yea."

"I must've missed that in your window - 'Christmas Special! Only Big Expensive Memory Cards Available!'"


"I guess that's good for you and bad for me?"

"Yea, I guess......"

"Hay, wait a minute, when I turn it on no lensy stuff pops out!"

"There's nothing to pop out. It's all done by mirrors inside."

"Wow, magic!"

"No, no. It's just done by mirrors inside."

"Moving right along then; do I get a camera baggy with the camera?"

"No, but we have a bunch o' baggies to choose from starting at eighteen pounds."

"That's bad."

"S'pose so......"

"At the end of the day, this camera, that started life at just short of two hundred quid, is now running at, what, two hundred and sixty quids'ish? Is that magic?"

"Er........ Happy Christmas!!?"

"Thank you."

Quote -

Whoever said nothing is impossible, never tried slamming a revolving door....

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