11 Apr 2021

And Then, It’s Lost...

   As expected, the sad, but not unexpected, passing of the Duke has resulted in co-co being kicked off the ‘news’ cycle top spot. An excuse to bury bad news? A little trickles through though as per that wot’s below. However, I haven’t picked up a peep regards this on the televisual receiving appliance wot sits over there contentedly talking to itself for most of the time.
   This from the
Evening Standard:

The European Medicines Authority (EMA) said five people who had the jab developed capillary leak syndrome... ...The rare condition results in blood leaking from tiny vessels into muscles which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If left untreated this can cause organ failure.
The EMA said it was also reviewing reports of rare blood clots in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which uses the same technology as the AstraZeneca jab.

   So, the Jo-Jo juice joins the AZ cocktail in the iffy column then.
   Surely even the most diehard believers in the glorious wonders to be gained by having their perfectly healthy bodies punctured must, by now, be having many a few ‘Oh ho’ moments.
   For sure, if I’d gone ahead and had a dose of chemi, by now I’d be far more worried about wot was coming next regards the ‘elixir of life’ as opposed to not being punctured and worrying{?} – yeah, right – weather I was going to catch a bad cold or not. Get flue? Bad luck. Get a bad reaction to the chemi cocktail? In simple terms, self inflicted.
   Lastly, but not leastly, have a butchers-hook at this over at The Slog. Guaranteed to get your grey matter going. NOT recommended reading if you’ve recently had a voluntary puncture popped into your healthy arm.

Quote;  Dr. Jeremy Brown.

“For centuries, chicken soup has been seen as a folk remedy for coughs and colds, fevers and chills— all the symptoms of the flu.”


Ripper said...

Well found, I'm going to repost the slog link. These are the things people should know.

Mac said...

Mr Ward sure does some deep digging for his research does he not?
It'll be all over the media soon. Only kidding.