23 Sept 2021

And Then An Adventure...

   While out and about in the automobile today, we chanced to pass a nice looking pub wot had big signs out front advertising lunch. Shall we see if the filthy un-punctured can gain entrance?  Okay, try we done did.
   We were met at the door and I guessed that’d be as far as we’d get. Wrong.
“A table for two?”  came the question and after answering in the affirmative, we were shown to a table and asked to peruse the menu and order at the bar when ready.
   No health questions, no smartphone questions, no puncture status questions and no muzzle instructions. Stood back in amazement.
   I went to the bar and placed our order and that’s when it started.
”Does anyone in your party have any food allergies?”
”Wha....? Oh, no, nothing.”
   And that was it. Apart from the allergy thingy, absolutely as it was all that time ago pre co-co days.
   Meal was good and more than adequate for two old folk so all done, I offered my thanks, via the waitress, to the microwave, deep fat fryer and grill operatives, formally known as chefs or cooks, and fully replete we meandered on our way.
   So there’s still a life out there for the filthy un-punctured after all.
Addendumadodad: So life carries on for us elderly unclean but please stay frightened as gas prices continue to soar. They’re still coming for us. However, don’t give that no never mind and always remember the words from that old song;
Always remember the longer you live, the sooner you’ll bloody well die. 

Quote;  Jeffrey Wright.

“When you go to a restaurant, the less you know about what happens in the kitchen, the more you enjoy your meal.”


Anonymous said...

Yup, yesterday evening we went to our favourite Sicilian restaurant.
As always, welcoming, good atmosphere, delicious food, anyone would think the farce had never happened.
Not a mention about anything farce related and not a sign of a face muzzle to be seen, just small groups of people enjoying decent food.

I suspect our pointless leader, a fool incapable of combing his own hair, or any of the rest of the junta, would have been shown the door sharpish.


Mac said...

I got another surprise when we were walking round a village and passed - why - the village pub which had a large WARNING sign on the door stating that Only Cash Accepted.
As you say, it looks like all the scary stuff could be quietly crumbling from the bottom.