2 Aug 2021

And Then, Some Fun...

   Nothing much today, just a couple of clips, below, provided by the good Ripper.
   Isn’t the ‘news’ becoming bind-blowingly repetitive? Don’t seem to matter wot the subject is, as sure as eggs is eggs, the need for the young to get punctured and climate doom will be, not so subtlety, worked into the subject.
   Try this
Ripper supplied link for words on bribing folk to go get punctured and filled with a chemi cocktail not yet out of trials.
   Anyhoo, further to yesterdays song, Ripper suggested this number. Man, we all need a smile, do we not?


   Ripper also suggested this clip which, as you all just can’t get enough of the BBC and its factual and unbiased delivery of the news.


Addendumadodad; Just spotted this at Going Postal. Can’t verify this but it would seem that pharmacies taking part in the great jabathon will no longer get government insurance so no indemnity. Must admit I didn’t know they’d had indemnity. Spooky eh?

Quote;  Steven Magee.

“The western world is a dishonest society of non-disclosure agreements, cash for silence, and the illegal removal of civil rights from those in the know.”

            Shaun David Hutchinson.

“He stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts and bought me an OJ and a bagel. Bribery wasn't going to make me forgive him, but I couldn't say no to carbs and juice.”

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