31 Jul 2021

And Then An Out...

   You seen the ‘news’? Of course you have. No surprise that it’s there to frighten you – or them, dependant on the side you’re on:
”New deadlier coronavirus variant that could kill one in three infected people 'a realistic possibility', SAGE warns.”
SAGE? Add some onions? That’d work; they really need stuffing do they not? 
   And if that isn’t scary enough, I saw somewhere that some other ‘expert advisors’ are advising the culling of pet cats to help slowdown the spread of that co-co thingy. They’re coming for your pets soon? That’ll go down well.
   I see that if that puncture becomes mandatory, it seems there’s a legal out for those not wishing to take part in this huge chemi cocktail experiment. This should be especially useful should you be in work and your employer suddenly starts making those ‘no jab, no job’ noises. 
   Seems you can legally refuse the puncture by
declaring you’re a vegan. Why Vegans get a break but not those that identify as Martians I’m not sure. Seems a tad unfair to me. Say wot now? Oh right, got it, they mean those vegans.
   Finally, and I’m probably way behind Y’all with this, but as I appreciate how much respect you all have for Mr Bojangles and the difficult job he has to do to ensure we all end up with nothing but remain deliriously happy, this clip is well worth a few minutes of your time this grey, wet and windy summer Saturday afternoon/evening.


Well, so, er, if you if you ‘enjoyed’ that, don your tin hat, should you feel the need, and try this regards vaccine failure.

Quote;  Jackie Mason.

I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.”

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