27 Jul 2021

And Then, Nothing...

...to type today but one thing I did pick-up on was Mr Bojangles talking to a rotund nurse and stating that those wot won’t go get punctured are nuts.
   May I humbly suggest that calling a not insignificant number of those eligible to vote, nuts, may not be a good move and may not bode well for you at the next elections.
   Sadly, when that voting thingy rolls round again, who to vote for is going to be a bit of a problem for that not insignificant number as I’m sure a lot of folk out there have had enough of the Monster Raving Looney Party.  It’s still a bit of a mystery to me how they lost the election yet managed to get into power...
   I see nurses and the NHS, blessed be its name, have lost the ‘news’ top slot today as that privilege has been handed to the police force. Another round of overworked and underpaid sobbing. It must be getting close to us pensioners getting a go, right? Oh... 
   Nothing else at this time so I’ll stop typing now and leave you with this old favourite. Have good days. Or as good as wot is allowed.


Quote;  William Shakespeare.

“Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale, vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.”


Ripper said...

Something - can't put my finger on it - is telling me that Bojo and fellow travelers won't reach the next election. Have you seen the size of that crowd of nutters?

On the other hand, there's always the Reclaim Party, or small independents, even Lord Such. Doesn't matter who wins as long as its not one of the 3 biggies.

Mac said...

They'll be there as long as they follow their 'handelers' instructions. I see Gove chimed in as well after the 'all nuts' comment. So I'm now officially a selfish nutter. Happy to wear the badge.
Amazing how much airtime any of the 'fringe' parties get on the BBC, ITV or Sky, is it not?
It would seem no discent from the 'official' line is to be tolorated.

Ripper said...

In truth, no one gives a rat's ass about what they say any more, their tactics are now as transparent as glass. Notice how the rhetoric is changing - they have sewn the fear, now they will use that to sew outrage, division and hate. And as usual, their paid monkeys the MSM are all over it.


Mac said...

Yup, so true. Out and about, I see very few folk without a muzzle inside or out so 'they' know they have basic mind control over, probably the majority so now know what they can 'get away with'. And now they know, the narrative is slowly{?} moving to climate. Prepare for draconian measures to 'control' it. They know what they're doing and it 'ain't going to be pretty.
Interesting? song...

Ripper said...

So, although the majority are still masked up, there are a few without? I hope so. I've been stocked up so haven't been to the shops for a couple of weeks, so don't yet know what its like. But those few will become many.

'They' fail to realise that just because someone is masked up doesn't mean that they are mind controlled. There are a few reasonings why some people decide to wear one in the shops:

1. They don't want to be the odd one out
2. They find it easier to mask up than face being challenged
3. They are petrified of running into a mask nazi, who would proceed to try and turn the rest of the folks in the shop against them and incite violence.

None of those reasons proves that the masked up person believes any of the government bullshit. Cowards, yes, mind controlled, questionable.

You know, on 'freedom day', I was the only one to roll into work that evening without a face nappy, on a factory with around 2,000 shop floor workers. Straight past the H&S bloke who was monitoring the clock machine to 'ensure' face coverings and social distancing. I was not challenged, and have walked around the factory ever since sans mask. Previous to that day, I was well known to wear a mask as I was required to do so by company policy - under the chin. I was challenged on that on a few occasions, my reply being "I'm wearing a bloody mask aren't I? So sod off".

Mac said...

Good points but looking closely at folk - not too closely - half scared and half because they' wearing one I'd say.