28 Jul 2021

And Then, A Bit Of Weather...

   A wonderous bit o’ high summer weather here where wot we be today. Right now big boom-booms from above and rain coming down like stair rods. Oh, and we’ve got the super polluting gas fire on. 
   Imagine wot it would be like if the planet was getting cooler rather than, as we’re repeatedly being told, warmer. Anyhoo, to help the belief system, I’ve got that filthy diesel car of ours, idling away on the driveway in a forlorn attempt to lift the ambient temperature a tad.  
   Another sure sign August is just four days away was when I looked up at the TV to catch an advert for Christmas trees. Man, you believe that? Yup.
   Back to yesterday and Mr Bojangles nutty quote. Today, I see he’s ‘distancing’ himself from that well, um, er, er Gove fellow for using the ‘selfish’ word. Is Gove going to distance himself from Mr Bojangles for using the ‘nut’ word? Getting tricky up there is it not? Thus click on this bit o’ blue to hear about nuts and then this bit o’ blue for well, er, um, er, er, selfish. To me, it just means I’ve been marked down as a selfish nut. Could’ve been worse I guess.

Quote;  Jerome K. Jerome.

“The weather is like the government, always in the wrong.”


Ripper said...

That nurse Bojo is talking to could defeat covid all on her own - by sitting on it... I imagine the virus as like...


Mac said...

I'd like a look in her fridge or at her weekly burger bill. You think she's got the latest 6" screen smartphone? A 60" TV? A Sky subscription? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot, they're all exhausted, stressed and so poorley paid so I guess none of the above.