21 Jun 2021

And Then, An Opinion...

That would be the young lady the TV news ‘managed’ to ask about the fact that getting the chemi cocktail is now open to eighteen year olds.
   But first, for those with a passing interest,
click this to read a bit about Ivermectin.
   Okay, back to that young lady on the TV with a background of a never ending queue of pre punctured kids. Her breathless opinion ran along these lines. “I’m just, like, so, like excited to, like get the chance to, like get the jab and, like get my freedoms, like back and I’m, like happy that it’s now...” and this is where it became obvious that her closing words had been fed to her before the camera started rolling. Why? “...this demographic.” Yeah, like, right. Apologies for the scary black dots.
   Let’s lighten the mood a tad. Now, I may have put this up not long ago, but I vaguely remember a few days ago Head Rambles posted about passwords – I think; it’s an age thing... so this is either a tad late for that post or an early repeat. Just funny is all:


Quote;  Philip K. Dick.

“It really seems to me that in the midst of great tragedy, there is always the horrible possibility that something terribly funny will happen.”

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