14 Sep 2020

And Then Six...

Well, so, if I understand it right, the authorities are encouraging folk to contact the police if they suspect anyone in their neighbourhood could be ‘entertaining’ more than six people. Is that right? Of course it’s not right; I meant did I hear that right. If so, it puts a whole new meaning to neighbourhood watch.

One can only imagine the miserably sad sacks that’ll love that chance.

Will that be it? You jest. Hay! Where’s your mask! How long before they’re asked to report if that filthy, planet destroying diesel car is used more than twice a week. That would be the diesel cars the government told us to buy, not too long ago, to save the planet.

Then? House lights on beyond nine at night? Excess plastic in their trash bins? Crossing a deserted road against the red man? Sorry; Person.

As for Brexit, I have no idea wot the current to-do is all about but I did see Nigel Mirage may be back. Remember him? The guy who criticized David Cummerbund for running away right after the vote then ran away right thereafter... Clown-world is well underway. Enjoy the ride. It may get bumpy by-the-by.


Quote;  Tommy Douglas.

“Setting people to spy on one another is not the way to protect freedom.”

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