13 Aug 2020

And Then, Results...

Before I briefly type about the TV hyper ventilating regarding kids exam results, last night I found myself frantically clicking through the TV channels in search of something watchable and briefly stopped off at Channel 4 as the news started. First up was the train derailment up the way in Scotland and the sad loss of three lives. Guess wot the cause of the land slip that derailed the train was blamed on? Yup, climate change; thus confirming that bottom has yet to be reached by these ‘news’ fellows and fellesses.

Exam results? Wot the hay is all the fuss about? One kid who stated he wanted a career as an engineer in the aviation industry had tremendous difficulty opening the envelope wherein resided his results. An engineer? Struggling with an envelope? This doesn’t bode well for air travel in the future.

Then, shortly after a teacher talked of the kids nervously opening their ‘onverlopes’, a young lady stated, “I’m excited to get my results.” Leaving aside the copious use of ‘like’ by all the interviewed kids, wouldn’t it be a joy to be a fly on the wall at all those upcoming university or, like, job interviews?  The future, already looking like a blue do, would seem to be looking yet evermore iffy.

Quote;  Malcolm Forbes.

“Failure is success if we learn from it.”

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