9 Nov 2019

And Then, It Starts...

Yup, still here and, to keep unnecessary pressure off my heart, desperately trying to keep my excitement about this general election under control. So far, so easy.

And so it starts with all the political parties promising owls and pink unicorns to one and all. The obvious point that they’ll all take slightly differing amounts off every ones hard earned to pay for all this stuff is ignored by anyone questioning these politicians and, probably, the majority of the voting population. I bet not many out here think past the ‘Free’ bit.

Have you noticed that these folk at the top, with access to so much information, always start their answers to questions, after the obligatory ‘Well,’ with ‘I think...’ Wouldn’t you think these power players, with all that intelligence would have thought through wot they’d do so could use ‘Well, I know...’ so we’d know as well? How refreshing would that be then?

Simplified visas for doctors and nurses to come here from countries that need their doctors and nurses? Possibly countries we give overseas aid to, a little of which probably goes to train their doctors and nurses. Sent over here? And our locally trained doctors and nurses take off to countries that pay a tad better than us. And those immensely cleaver folk at the top haven’t spotted this sort of loop movement? ‘Well, so, I think...’ Hay, you interviewers, please don’t dare to mention the quarter odd million new potential patients arriving every year, okay? Good.

In other news, the other day I noticed this laptop wouldn’t update Windows from 1803{?} to 1903. I went through all the ‘recommended fixes’ with no fix working. I resorted to that Microsoft Assistant thingy which is a small download that helps installing Windows 10. Yeah, I know; a scarily empty computer? I ran it and it found I was not up to date and it would sort it. It also assured me that all my files would be where I left them. Yeah, right. What the hay, just hit run un’ be damned.

Eight hours later – yup eight hours - it was done and I’m delighted to report all was as it was before the update. It hadn’t even switched back on communications with the mother ship. However, I did click on Gaming in the settings; never been there as I don’t game, and guess wot? All kinds of settings enabled in there that are probably doing nothing if you don’t game but are, for me, better off regardless. Do I really need Camera Broadcast enabled?

Anyhoo, wot are the improvements, apart from it being hard to install? Haven’t found any at time of typing but according to the Web-a-Net the highlight is the inclusion of the much requested Dark Theme. I’m still in the dark regarding this ‘feature’ and wot I’ve been missing all this time.

Finally, a while back that chap over at Head Rambles noted how easily he bruised after his heart do. Me also as well as I couldn’t walk past a table without bruising. I did find that upping my iron intake seemed to help and I did this by taking a glass of that magic beetroot juice daily. Hard to believe, but after a week  - okay, a month - it becomes quite an enjoyable drink. However, a few days ago I awoke to find a bruise on the back of my left hand the size of a dinner plate. This was a bit disconcerting as the back of my hand is only the size of a small saucer...

Quote;  Gerald Weinberg.

“If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.”


Dear humans,
in case you forgot, I used to be your Internet.
The Library.

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