19 Mar 2016

And Then An Old Song...

If it’s as miserable a day where you be as it be where I be and you’re feeling a little low, although I doubt as low as like wot I imagine Dave Come-undone is feeling today, wot with a member of his ‘A’ team quitting on him an’ all, try this nice melodic music from way back in the day. It may possibly be as full of memories for some of you as it is for me.

It’s not often I look forward to the closing moments of a song, unless I hate the song and I’m stuck in an elevator of course, but the closing minute or so of this piece, for me, is pretty damn cool and relaxing. As, indeed, is the begining bit. Got me thinking now; I wonder if I’ve still got the knack and patience to rip the intro and outtro, glue ‘em together and loop ‘em.

I’ll think about that but meantime, relax a while with the Moody Blues.
"All we are trying to say is we are all we've got."


Quote;  David Mutti Clark.

“The music plays...  and your sense of reality is heightened to a dream.”

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